Mona Dawood

Docking / Modelling | Dr. Mona Dawood, PhD Mona Dawood is a molecular biologist with an emphasis in computational drug discovery and target therapy. She … Read more

Mirko Schmitz

In Silico Chemistry, Molecular | M. Schmitz, MSc Mirko Schmitz’s main scientific focus is employing chemoinformatics to discover and to optimize novel anticancer compounds. Besides … Read more

Anne-Lise Peille

Senior Scientist Target ID and Dev. | Anne-Lise Peille Anne-Lise Peille is passionate about drug discovery. Anne-Lise is cellular & molecular biologist with long lasting … Read more

Vincent Vuaroqueaux

CSO | Dr. Vincent Vuaroqueaux, PhD Vincent Vuaroqueaux has been working in translational cancer research for 25 years. Prior to joining 4HF Biotec in January … Read more

Heinz Herbert Fiebig

CEO and Founder | Prof. Dr. H. H. Fiebig, MD, PhD Prof. Dr. Heinz-Herbert Fiebig, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of 4HF Biotec. … Read more

Thomas Metz

CBO Dr. Thomas Metz, PhD Thomas Metz is scientifically interested in the design and profiling of conjugates and focuses on securing funding and establishing partnerships. … Read more