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Identification / confirmation of the compound’s mechanism of action.

Mechanism of Action Finder (MOA)

We offer data mining for the identification or confirmation of the MoA of a customer’s compound.

The MoA Finder tool aims to identify the mechanism of action of your test compound based on the results obtained from in vitro drug testing. To this end, we compare the sensitivity profile of your drug candidate to that of more than 900+ drugs for which the MoA is known.

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Identification of molecular characteristics associated to the customer’s drug response.

Biomarker Discovery

The Biomarker Analysis Tool enables the identification of molecular markers predicting response or resistance to a customer’s drug. These predictive biomarkers can be:

  • At the RNA level with the expression of specific genes and with the or development of gene signatures
  • At the DNA level with presence of gene amplification, exon mutation, or gene deletion

The Biomarker Analysis Tool compares the IC50 or IC70 raw data set to the gene expression levels, somatic gene copy numbers, and exon mutations of the human cell lines. These biomarkers are indicative for drug efficacy and serve as predictive biomarkers in tumor models and patient cohorts to stratify responders from non-responders. Performing this type of analysis in an early discovery phase can lead to optimize the development strategy.

In vitro drug profiling can be performed with our collaborator, Reaction Biology, which offers the ProLiFiler – Reaction Biology’s Cell Line Panel Screening service.

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Molecular characterization of cancer targets

Target Investigation

The Gene Explore service aims to help customers characterize their targets to validate its usefulness in anticancer drug discovery. By using the 4HF CancerDataMiner™ platform, the customers have access to the gene expression, exon mutation, gene copy number alteration information from:

  • 1800+ preclinical models (cell lines, cell line-derived tumor xenografts, patient tumor-derived xenografts)
  • 11 000+ patient tumors of 32 cancer entities
  • 16 000+ normal samples of 41 types

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