Fully integrated AI-based drug discovery platform

4HF Biotec is focusing on the development of innovative small molecule-based targeted therapeutics for oncology. To identify and design innovative drugs, 4HF Biotec launched a fully integrated AI-based drug discovery platform to facilitate and accelerate the development its drug candidate pipeline.

4HF Biotec’s cancer targets are issued from our internal R&D research that uses proprietary OMICS platform named “4HF Cancer Data Miner”. 4HF Biotec has identified more than 100 novel cancer targets with the potential to support selective drug delivery to cancers with urgent medical need. 4HF Biotec is also developing several programs for the optimal selection of cytotoxic payloads that will enable the optimal targeting of tumor cells.

4HF Biotec leverage its suite of AI-based chemoinformatics tools and identified already small-molecule candidates (primary hits) for 10 targets. Our initial focus is the development of small molecule drug conjugates for small cell lung and prostate cancers. 4HF Biotec will advance its candidates from hit identification through to clinical candidate preclinical stage, we are seeking pharma partners taking over further development stages. Multiple drug discovery programs have been initiated in partnership with various biotech and academic institutions to perform early stage of development comprising hit identification, lead expansion and optimization, as well as preclinical testing. In a second program, 4HF Biotec will profile small-molecule drug conjugate candidates for colon, stomach, pancreas and liver cancers.

“With our capabilities and pipeline, we aim to transform the field of cancer treatment, which is still mainly using chemotherapeutics and signal transduction therapy, by introducing more efficient, less toxic, and affordable cancer-targeted cytotoxic therapies for the benefit of the majority of cancer patients” said Prof. Fiebig, CEO of 4HF Biotec.