"To Transform Cancer Cell Targeting"

4HF is devoted to the pursuit of groundbreaking anti-cancer treatments that exhibit enhanced precision in targeting tumor cells, thereby minimizing adverse effects on patients’ health. For our innovative research approach, we have established a one-of-a-kind platform that synergizes cancer data, computational sciences, and AI-driven drug discovery.

At the forefront of our endeavors lies a pioneering project aimed at enhancing the delivery of chemotherapeutics to cancer cells, leveraging the cutting-edge concept of Small Molecule Drug Conjugates (SMDCs).

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NEW! Freiburg, 25th Oct. 4HF Biotec is using AI-based drug discovery tools to boost the development of innovative anti-cancer agents. Following extensive research to identify novel cancer targets, the company uses its AI platform to facilitate and accelerate the development of small molecules and small molecule drug conjugates, which will be studied until early clinical phases….

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