About Us

The Company

4HF Biotec GmbH was founded in 2015 by Professor Dr. H.H. Fiebig, MD, PhD. ​

The company’s goal is to develop innovative therapies against cancer. In addition, it also offers a panel of in silico research services to pharmaceutical and biotech industry to support their development of novel anticancer agents.​

4HF’s main asset is its unique in silico platform, which combines OMICS and chemo-informatic tools. ​

Over the years, 4HF has built a cross-functional team of experts in medical oncology, clinical research, drug development, tumor biology, and data science. 4HF collaborates with biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as academic institutions. We are open for new collaborations in individual research projects.  ​

The seed funding for 4HF was provided by Professor H.H. Fiebig. A cooperation project with the German Cancer Research Center (DKTR) is funded by Invest BW, a grant awarded by the ministry of economy of the state of Baden-Württemberg.​

Our Vision

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020 (WHO). Despite the substantial progress made, the available treatment options still fall short of satisfaction. Chemotherapy-based treatments are still the most viable approach, with approximately 8.2 million cancer patients undergoing such treatment annually (WHO-2022). However, their efficacy is predominantly hindered by the side effects they induce on normal cells.

At 4HF, we are using cancer data, computational sciences and AI-based drug discovery for identification and development of novel cancer specific targets and associated small molecule effectors to bring potent anti-cancer drugs with enhanced precision in targeting tumor cells. These compounds are intended to increase efficacy and reduce side effects, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

At the forefront of our endeavors lies a pioneering project aimed at enhancing the delivery of chemotherapeutics to cancer cells, leveraging the cutting-edge concept of Small Molecules Drug Conjugates that combine the precision of targeted therapy with highly potent toxins. Those anticancer agents deliver potent chemotherapeutics directly to cancer cells, while sparing healthy tissues.

Among various technologies, 4HF has opted to use small molecules for creating a new class of drug conjugates (Small Molecules Drug Conjugates – SMDCs), which will offer significant advantages such as high penetration in cells and tissues, high stability, and low immunogenicity. This approach can lead to improved pharmacokinetics and reduced toxicity.

Our research is committed to develop treatments for a wide range of cancer types, prioritizing solid tumors that are difficult to treat with traditional therapies.

We believe that next generation of small molecule drug-conjugates have the potential to transform the field of oncology and makes a meaningful difference in cancer treatment.

4HF Biotec Team

Prof. Dr. H. H. Fiebig, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder

Dr. Vincent Vuaroqueaux, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr. Thomas Metz, PhD

Chief Business Officer (CBO)

Anja Honeker, Dipl. Economist

Administration, Finance

Dr. Anne-Lise Peille, PhD

Senior Scientist Target ID and Development

Mirko Schmitz, MSc

In Silico Chemistry, Molecular Docking/Modelling

Dr. Pablo Anton Garcia, PhD

Computational Biology, Cancer OMICS
& Biomarker Discovery

Florian Schmidt

App Developer, IT Specialist

Fundings & Partnering

4HF Biotec performs one of its most prominent discovery projects (SELECTHERA) in collaboration with the German Cancer Research Center, Consortium for Translational Cancer Research (DKTK), and the Clinic for Nuclear Medicine, University of Freiburg. This project is funded by the Land of Baden-Württemberg in the program Invest BW.


Development of tumor-selective toxins and radioligands for the therapy of prostate and lung carcinomas The aim of our project is to develop highly specific tumor-selective toxins and radioligands for the therapy of prostate and small cell lung carcinomas. First, we identify new tumor-specific targets that are selectively expressed in the tumor but not or only slightly in the normal tissue. In the next step, we identify specific ligands for these target structures that do not bind to any other proteins. Finally, these ligands are conjugated with either a toxin or a chelator for the introduction of radioactive isotopes. For one toxin and one radioligand, we plan to prepare clinical translation until end 2024.

Funded by

Identification of new targets and drug development necessitates close collaborations between clinicians, scientists at academic centers, CRO’s, and pharma industry.
We are committed to collaborate with scientists worldwide to help for the go/no go decision for clinical evaluation, to identify the right tumor indications and biomarkers.
4HF is committed to establish new collaborations with scientists worldwide. Our preferred topics are in field of drug discovery with special emphasis on the drug-conjugates. 4HF Biotec is also committed to develop partnership with biotech and the pharmaceutical industry to help at drug discovery, e.g., target identification and understanding target pathway in the disease. If your aim is the development of innovative therapeutics for treating cancer, we are pleased to discuss opportunities of partnering.

4HF Biotec cooperates with many academic institutes, pharma and biotech companies and the PAMM group of the EORTC .

Careers at 4HF

It is a particularly exciting time to work on the discovery of novel therapies for cancer patients. As a young company, 4HF Biotec is seeking to recruit talents helping to meet challenges of future cancer treatments. Whether you are a student, a graduate or an experienced professional, we believe your competences, enthusiasm and motivation together with your ability to work in a team will be a key to the success.

At 4HF Biotec, innovative ideas, creativity and scientific curiosity are strongly encouraged. The company’s growth, ambitions and opportunities ensure the possibility of personal development. While its culture is informal and friendly, the goal of improving cancer patient treatments is never lost of sight.

If you are motivated to take on this new challenge, we encourage you to send your curriculum vitae to info@4HF.eu