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About us

4HF Biotec GmbH was founded in June 2015 by Prof. Dr. H.H. Fiebig. The company is specialized in bioinformatics and data analytics for discovery of innovative therapies to treat cancers. For our research, we built unique proprietary databases and setup a dedicated platform to interrogate cancers throughout their huge diversities. Our team includes experts in medical oncology, anticancer drug evaluation, genomics and bioinformatics. 


Our work focuses on 3 main axes:

  • The discovery of new druggable targets

  • The identification of companion diagnostics

  • The evaluation of novel anticancer drugs


4HF Biotec is located in Freiburg, the center of the Basel-Freiburg-Strasbourg biotech region. The company is placed among major actors including universities, research centers, pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

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